Privacy Policy
Last update: Monday, 2 September 2019

On this privacy policy page you will find every detail regarding the use, disclosure and collection of your personal information relating to the use of the Pagerminer system.

We assure you that your personal information will not see use in any manner not stated explicitly in the below privacy policy. The information provided by yourself will be used only to improve upon the service that we provide to you. Therefore, by continuing to use Pagerminer you agree to the potential use of your personal information in all of the processes stated explicitly in the below privacy policy. Within this privacy policy, all terms (unless otherwise stated) share the exact same definitions as those found in our terms and conditions.

Use and collation of personal user information

You may be requested to provide information regarding your identity such as phone number, postal address and email address. This will usually occur only when the Pagerminer team is required to confirm your identity or to contact you directly.

Log data collection

In order to understand and improve upon our services, we continuously collect log data for strategic analysis, as is common throughout the industry. When you visit the Pagerminer website, log data collected may include browser type, IP address, Pagerminer subpages visited, time spent on site, and other forms of log data to learn from your browsing behaviour.

In addition, the continued enhancement of Pagerminer’s service delivery may require that our team gather other forms of user information via third-party applications like Google Analytics. Such third-party applications provide their own privacy policies to help explain to users what constitutes abuses of information gathering, as well as mitigates any such abuses from occurring.


Cookies are small amounts of data stored as unique anonymous identifiers that contain a small amount of data. They are normally sent from website to browser with the associated data stored by computer hard drive. Cookie functionality can be disabled by users through manual web browser restriction. However, Pagerminer recommends keeping cookies enabled to help best provide the services of our platform.

Service providers

At necessary times Pagerminer will call upon third-party company services. These services may be needed on occasion to support or enhance Pagerminer’s base platform performance. These services provided by third-party companies may include but are not limited to performance and data analysis, and remote service. In addition, Pagerminer confirms that all third-party companies must adhere to our own privacy policy, meaning that use of your personal information will always be within the clear collaborative purposes.

Legal compliance

There is a possibility that authorities if handling legal issues regarding Pagerminer would request your personal information. In this situation, Pagerminer would abide by any legal request and provide required information. Pagerminer is a service operated with integrity and so will always comply with the law in situations that such compliance is required.


The security of your personal data is absolutely vital to Pagerminer. It is one of the key features promoted to service users. While every caution is taken to maintain this state of total security, internet-based information sharing is not accompanied by a 100% guarantee of security. Pagerminer employs many powerful commercial safeguards to prevent the loss of your data’s security. In the incredibly unlikely event of a loss in security, every effort will be made to restore security in the swiftest manner as well as establish defences against a repeat of the breach. Pagerminer employs many powerful commercial safeguards to prevent the loss of your data’s security.

International transfer

The information provided by users of Pagerminer may be sent to platform servers located internationally from your personal geographical position, from a different state to different side of the world. This may see your data pass into jurisdictions operating on different data laws to your own jurisdiction. It is important to note that the transfer of your data to different regions than your own may occur, as well as the location where your data is subsequently processed or analysed. When you submit your data to us you consent to this entirely normal practice for platforms such as Pagerminer.

Third-party links

When visiting the Pagerminer website bear in mind that you may find links to third-party websites, and that when visiting these sites Pagerminer cannot guarantee the security of the information you submit there. This is due to the potential difference of their privacy policies, so do ensure that you check these before sharing sensitive information beyond the safety of the Pagerminer site.

The privacy of children

Pagerminer only accepts users aged 18 and over, so we do not deal in the data sharing of children aged under 12. In the unlikely situation when a child sends us personal information in an attempt to join Pagerminer, it is expected that the parent or legal guardian of the child will contact us as soon as possible to remove the child’s data from the Pagerminer platform. If our team discovers it first then we will remove the data without warning.

Privacy policy changes

Pagerminer reserves the right to make changes to our privacy policy immediately and without requesting the consent of users. All new updates made to the Pagerminer privacy policy will be shared with you by a website announcement and also via one of our periodic newsletter emails. Changes made to the privacy policy will only be set in place once they have been added to this privacy policy page. For this reason, we recommend that you keep yourself aware of the privacy policy with periodic reviews.

In the instance that you require us to change any element of your personal information, we will make these adjustments without charge. Simply contact Pagerminer support and this will be carried out for you swiftly. Please also remember that you always have the opportunity to command that Pagerminer delete all of your personal information. This will always be conducted unless in the unlikely circumstance that your data is required to be kept by law.