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We understand that these have been difficult times for everyone due to the pandemic. However, pagerminer offers you an excellent commission income plan, you just have to help expand and publish our services in all possible media. you can get a juicy commission of up to 10% for representatives.

Let's Start!


Standard Affiliate Status


Representatives Status

1. Claim Your Referral Link

Users will be given an affiliate link once they register to the platform. That link acts as a gateway between you and your referrals through social media channels and personal communication platforms.

2. Start Sharing!

Start sharing your referral link in any possible way you think of. Reach as many people and colleagues as you can and send us an application if you wish to be a representative. That way you can earn even more!

3. Earn! Earn! Earn!

Sit back and enjoy the commissions you earn from your referral's earnings. You'll be earning 10% or 10% percent depending on you affiliate status. Enjoy your earnings and keep spreading the new way of investing!

How can I become a Representative?

Pagerminer encourages everyone to become representatives of the platform. In order to become a representative, users are expected to have the ability to support and promote Pagerminer project locally and globally without any use of SPAM or other illigal promoton tools. Email applications should include username, country, past experience in field of cryptocurrency and ,if any, creative ideas and collabration opportunities. Application to [email protected] then we will issue reply within 48h, either your application is accepted or it's not.


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