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our mining plants, with the highest technology. are designed to obtain the best performance

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Where The Mining Happens

Pagerminer mining farms are based in Iceland due to efficient electricity costs and ample space to grow as our community grows also. Our sites are monitored 24/7 by technical experts and security teams to preserve the profitability of your experience.

Easy way to rent hashing power.

The setting up and purchasing of personal hardware is very interesting. The technically skilled people can efficiently solve the tricky complications. They generally enjoy the fun in maintaining the complex construction and not the profit earned from it. But for many others it is very difficult and annoying. Overall, the service provides a better mining experience at low Bitcoin mining cost.

Chief generals

Now you can tap into this exciting arena without any of the fuss with Pagerminer, our advanced cloud mining solution welcoming enthusiasts of all levels to profit big from crypto mining without any of the headache. Simply rent a mining equipment to be placed into your pagerminer account. Our team uses the most advanced hardware so you can enjoy every benefit of crypto mining without breaking the bank.

Dan Chiang / CEO

Responsible for making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company. (CEO)

Xiong Hsieh / COO

Responsible for the distribution, purchase and maintenance of mining equipment.

Ye Kuo / CTO

General manager, design and architecture of the entire operational center of pagerminer.